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Title Deeds

Come to the Sydney Construction website to find out more about obtaining title deeds in North Cyprus today.

Obtaining Title Deeds in North Cyprus

Until quite recently, if someone took out a loan from a bank and bought land, the bank would own said land until the loan had been completely paid off. The problem with this is that if developers bought land, built houses on it and sold the houses but hadn’t actually paid the bank back, unsuspecting buyers’ new homes would actually be the owned by the bank and not them.

With the introduction of title deeds in Cyprus, this potential nightmare of a situation can be avoided. So if you’re looking to build a house or other type of property, from the north to the south of Cyprus, it is incredibly important to apply for a title deed.

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For those of you who are interested in building a new home or commercial property, or are looking to have renovation work done for your kitchen, bathroom or another area of the house, speak to us at Sydney Construction – the experts in the North Cyprus area. We started in 2002 and ever since have built a strong reputation to deliver exceptional results.

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If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you build your dream home, or to transform your home with professional construction services, feel free to contact us. We’re available either through email or, if you’d rather speak with us directly, you can call us on +90 533 862 08 63.


  • We instructed this company to initially complete a renovation on our home 5 years ago, which we were extremely happy with. Three and half years later, we instructed them to increase the property size and add an annexe studio property. The target completion date was achieved and we are proud to be in our new home, without having to move! We would have no hesitation recommending this company. Thank you Zafer and your team!

    Francis & Carol Oliver – Software Engineer
  • Thank you again Sydney Construction for another beautiful build…we have our dream home and you, Zafer and team made it all possible…

    Catherine Grace – Custom Build Home Owner
  • Looking at the houses Zafer had built quickly convinced us to select him as our builder. Having built more than 8 homes back in Germany ourselves, we highly recommend Zafer. He has met our high quality German standards and is a fair, honest business person with broad knowledge.

    Engelbert Friedsam – Vice President, Capgemini Outsourcing Global IM Standardization & Industrialisation at Capgemini

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    We know that unlike the wear and tear a house or other building may have over the years, after their purchases our clients are always, and will always be, satisfied with our relations in the long term. This is our uniqueness. Sydney Construction still goes back to their oldest 10 year old properties in North Cyprus, meeting and exceeding customer expectations time and time again.
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